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Mixed Berry Gooey Pie

Individual Pies for Every Occasion

Chef-Inspired, All-Natural Desserts for Wholesale

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The My Pie Difference

My Pie is your source for personalized pies that melt in your mouth and are made especially for those who demand high quality and all-natural ingredients. We offer new and innovative products that service restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, specialty wholesalers, catering, and even options delivered to your door.

My Pie opened shop in 2023 with the goal of providing chef-inspired individualized deserts. Simply serve them as they come or get creative with toppings that your customers will crave. 

Choose from our catalogue of unique pies! We offer everything from personalized fruit pies to individual cheesecakes. My Pies are so scrumptious they must be tasted to be believed. 

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Customer Reviews

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Whenever I have a sweet craving, I run to the store for a My Pie. I think they’re perfect because full-sized pies always go bad before I can finish them. My Pies let me mix and match flavors so me and my entire family can get exactly what we want! I think the crust is my favorite part, it’s always so fresh and never breaks apart or gets soggy. My Pies have quickly become my go-to treat!


The apple pie and pistachio are great! Whether enjoyed warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or on its own, these pies are sure to please any palate. Looking forward to trying some of the other MyPies


Abi and I ate every single pie. The mixed berry was our clear winner. The fruits hit the hardest. I could feel the texture of the berry seeds in my teeth. Abi licked the plate clean!

Also, we love the cherry pie. We stay away from anything cherry because it always contains high-fructose corn syrup junk. But this cherry pie is a perfect blend of sweetness with the buttery crust. Hammer home with everyone that you use REAL natural ingredients!



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